225hrs In-Person Class Time

Learn Advanced Data Science & Machine Learning Skills
From Industry Experts in Our Toronto Studio

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99% Job Placement Rate

'We up-skill cohorts to be the best in-class AI talent'
86% of our graduates got a job within 90 days of completion
Just some of the fine companies our graduates have gone on to work at

  • Amazon
  • Bayer
  • Samsung
  • Deloitte
  • Continental Tires
  • EY
  • Foxconn
  • MHP
  • Hello Fresh
  • New Yorker
  • Toavina Andriamanerasoa (batch 08)
    “The learning rate is tremendous. This program has pushed me to my limit and beyond”
    Toavina Andriamanerasoa (batch 08)
    Senior Data Scientist at New Yorker
  • Diego Amicabile
    “I got three solid offers after the training”
    Diego Amicabile
    Chief Lead Software Engineer at Infinitec Solutions
  • Stephan (batch 03)
    “Exposure to data scientists who are at the highest level in their field. That has gone beyond expectation.”
    Stephan (batch 03)
    Company Founder Based on Portfolio Project

Experience Makes
You Stand Out

Graduates: Don’t have any solid information of what the field is like, few modules in college, hard to get relevant experience.

Employers: Find it very difficult to find people with relevant experience.

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Our Principle Goals:

1. To provide you with expertise and confidence in building machine learning solutions to real problems

2. To help you start your machine learning career with a significant portfolio of finished products

We want to make sure the course fits your current level, while at the same time pushing you to the next level.


Classes by Experienced Professionals: Three Principle Blocks

The first block consists of classes by experienced professionals that will get you up to speed as an AI practitioner. You’ll learn and gain a deep understanding of the essential concepts while working on exciting, real-life tasks.


Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

The second block consists of two projects that will provide you with the experience and confidence necessary to develop whole AI products from scratch.

We have chosen the two most foundational and sought-after domains in modern-day machine learning: computer vision and natural language processing.

Those two projects will make up the first part of your final portfolio.


Work on Your Own Portfolio

In the third block, the training wheels come off and you’ll work on your own project. We’ll help you decide on an exciting application that showcases your expertise, and we will guide you through the process so that you end up with an impressive final product that you can show to the world, and that will finish up your personal portfolio.

The last two parts will focus on building complete products and developing your portfolio and personal brand but, at the same time, we will offer a series of lectures by leading researchers and practitioners in AI.

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Image First Block — Practical Courses
  1. 1

    15hrs - Python, Pandas, git

  2. 2

    15hrs - Foundations of classical machine learning

  3. 3

    10hrs - SQL for the 21st century

  4. 4

    5hrs - numpy

  5. 5

    10hrs - Neural networks from scratch

  6. 6

    11hrs - Introduction to deep learning, applications

  1. 7

    71hrs - NLP

  2. 8

    50hrs - Computer vision

  3. 9

    10hrs - scikitlearn pipelines

  4. 10

    12hrs - Business case studies

  5. 11

    5hrs - ML in production

  6. 12

    15hrs - Handling geo data

  1. 13

    10hrs - Spark and kafka

  2. 14

    5hrs - Soft skills

  3. 15

    11hrs - Technical communication and rehearsal for demo day

  4. 16

    5hrs - command line

  5. 17

    5hrs - python idioms

We Help Our Participants Bridge the Gap

What's missing is proof of real-world, hands-on experience. Through close mentorship, our participants build portfolio projects to gain experience and show off their skills.

Small Classes Sizes
and Vetted Peers

Small class sizes, give you the chance to really work closely with your mentors and benefit directly from their experience and expertise. Because everyone is at the skill level (interview acceptance rate: 10%) you also get to learn a lot from your peers

Previous Graduates

Battle-Tested Materials
and Methods

We know what works, and what doesn’t, from over 18 successful batches. Our AI retreat in Berlin is the market leader for Europe. Our graduates leave our program with the real-world skills needed to land their dream job or start their next big venture.

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Real-world Expert
Mentorship and Teachers

We source the very best experts and teachers with a track record in Data Science and Machine Learning. Every one of our instructors is considered world-class and only teaches the topic they have mastered.

Meet Our Teachers

Our past batches of students

Latest Student Projects


Virtual AI Trainer


AI to Detect Tiredness

Original Projects Completed From Scratch - Creation of a Portfolio Project that is a Proof-of-concept or a working product.

  • 90 day In-person immersive instruction run by AI grandmasters
  • Team up and discuss ideas for your portfolio project
  • All participants have the opportunity to engage in project work.
  • Executing a substancial data science project shows your skills.

Why AI Deep Dive?

Jose, our Founder, talks about the philosophy behind the creation of AI Deep Dive and what gaps he sees in the AI Industry.

Play Video [1:51]

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Our Teachers and Mentors


Dr. Marek Gagolewski

Professor at
the Polish Academy of Sciences
and Warsaw University of Technology

The author of best-selling books on Python and R programming and many R packages, including the famous stringi package. Marek holds a PhD in Computer Science, specializing in data aggregation, fusion, and mining, as well as computational statistics and uncertainty modeling.


Jakub Cieslik

Senior Data Scientist
at The New Yorker

Jakub holds a masters degree in biomedical signal processing and has previously worked in the Fintech sector. He is passionate about practical hands-on deep learning as well as Python development and bringing deep learning into production systems.


Qingchen Wang

Data Scientist
and Kaggle Grandmaster

Qingchen is an award-winning data scientist with expertise in machine learning & artificial intelligence. One of only 87 grandmasters (as of mid-2017) on the Kaggle data science competition platform (top rank of 14th out of 52,000+ active competitors on Kaggle), and he also have significant experience in software engineering (C++, Java, Python).


Daniel Nouri

Expert Software Engineer
at Natural Vision

Through his company Natural Vision, he’s been successfully applying deep learning to problems in bioacoustics, computer vision, and text mining. He’s the designer and coauthor of skorch, A scikit-learn compatible neural network library that wraps pytorch.


Dr. José Quesada

Founder of
DSR and AI Deep Dive

Jose has mentored over 200 machine learning portfolio projects. Some of which have resulted in startups, while others ended up being non-profits with significant social impact. He did his PhD work at UC Boulder and then Carnegie Mellon. He opened offices in Berlin, San Francisco and now in Toronto.


Gilberto Titericz

Lead Data Scientist
at Ople

A true Machine Learning Expert, Gilberto holds a USA O-1 Visa. For over 2 years, he has been ranked #1 out of 78,200 active data scientists at Kaggle. Gilberto is a 17x Prize Winner as well as being 33x Top 1% placed in competitions. He is currently a Lead Data Scientist at Ople (Brazil) where he builds AI to automate Data Science workflow.


Kelvin Lwin

AI Architect
at Iluvatar CoreX

He spent seven years teaching 4,500 students across 55 classes, while redesigning the undergraduate Computer Science curriculum. He is currently designing curricula at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) to democratize access to the latest technologies across many disciplines, industries, and geographies. Kelvin helped DLI reach over 100K developers worldwide, directly and in collaboration with Udacity and Coursera/


Payment Options

CAD $15,000 upfront.
-- OR --
CAD $0 upfront + 10% of income through our Income Share Agreement

Learn More About our Income Share Agreement

Our Income Share Agreement (ISA)


  • CAD $0 upfront + 10% of income
  • Up to $19,500 or until 5 years after program completion
  • No principle, no interest, no down payment
  • You don’t pay anything until you find a job
  • Monthly payments based on what you make
  • Stop paying once you’ve hit the cap
Eligibility and Process


  • Participants who are authorized to work in Canada.


  • Get accepted to AI Deep Dive.
  • Sign and submit the required documents for the ISA.


  • Repayments start once you get a job earning more than $50,000 a year.
  • You pay 10% of your income to a max of $19,500.
  • You have the option of buying out your contract at any time.
  • If at any point you lose your job or earn below $50,000, you pay $0.
  • No matter how much you’ve paid, the contract dissolves 5 years after graduation.
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How much will I pay ?

How much you pay depends on how much you make.
No matter what happens, you won’t pay more than the cap of $19,500.
You won’t pay after 5 years have passed from graduation.



Our fees are

CAD$15 000

We require a $1,000 deposit once your application has been accepted. We offer flexible payment plans and also bursaries to partially fund tuitions.

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207 Queens Quay West (M5J 1A7)

Batch 2: 16 Sep - 15 Dec 2019
Batch 3: 21 Oct - 20 Jan 2020

NO UP-FRONT FEE (option)
Income Share Agreement Available

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Eislebenerstr. 4 (10789)
Batch 20: 23 September - 17 December 2019

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207 Queens Quay West
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